I'm a great person to call when you need to call a person who does these things well:

  • HTML5 / CSS3

  • Responsive design

  • JS / JQuery

  • Branding

a photo of me, Asaf Gerchak

About Me

I'm a coder, comic, writer and human. So basically, I do front-end web dev, tell jokes to audiences, write funny things, and have to breath oxygen to live. The oxygen is the most important, but those other things are way more interesting. Also, I'm self-conscious that this is the only card on this page where nothing moves when you hover.

I love good communication; I've been doing stand-up and writing for a decade, and I got into coding because I have a passion for finding fun and beautiful ways to deliver great ideas.

I'm silly enough to be fun, but professional enough to be reliable, and I learn fast and listen well. Get in touch! We'll do good things together and probably high-five at the end.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Asaf, what's your educational background?

Asaf, are you actually, seriously a comedian?

Asaf, what's up with your name?

I have a BA in Anthropology from McGill and am a recent grad of HackerYou's front-end web development course.

Yes, actually and seriously. You can check me out over at @ComedianOfNote or on my Facebook fan page.

Better question: What's up with you using my name to address me over and over like this? It's a bit weird.

My name is Hebrew-Polish. Also, sorry I got sort-of aggressive just there.

Let's Be Friends